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Online Courses

We offer a wide range of courses for all levels, whether you’re a beginner or tuning up your skills.

Personal Teacher

Our instructors are experts at what they do and can’t wait to share their knowledge.


Our live-streamed workshops and detailed courses will help you make a ton of progress.

Various Industries

Can apply to Architectural, Interior and Landscape Design, Product Design, and Production Design.

Introduction to Learn SketchUp with Randy

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Choose from a wide range of learning options and gain new skills! Sign up and try it today! Online education has never been easier!

Our courses can apply to many industries including:
  • Architectural
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Product Design
  • Production Design (Set Design)
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Contact us and we will help you choose the course of appropriate subject and level.


What our students say

Randy is a truly winning SketchUp Pro coach. Always patient with enthusiastic undivided attention
while teaching thorough step by step SKP techniques and procedures
aimed at learning to build one’s own systematic SKP skills repertoire.

Pam Taylor

Pam Taylor

Set Designer

DNA645 Design courses are straightforward, simple and effective – just like everything great. Two years ago I started learning 3D modelling with very little experience in this field. Randy offered a very easy and practical approach to learning and I found myself progressing very quickly.

Marianna Volynets

Marianna Volynets

Freelance Interior Designer

I really loved the course. It was fun and engaging, especially the work along. One thing that was apparent was there were a variety of skill levels. So sometimes if felt like certain questions would go on and on (myself included). Those work-around prevented that. Overall it was a great environment.

Bryan Eng

Bryan Eng

Art Department Coordinator
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