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This course provides a cumulative approach to learning SketchUp which includes 3 modules:
  1. SketchUp Pro – The Basics
  2. Layout – 2D Presentation & Design Documentation
  3. Putting it all together

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Create Intermediate Level 3D models
  • Quickly and Accurately measure a ‘Location’ and build a resulting model.
  • Use SketchUp Layout for all Construction Documentation.
  • Produce ‘Rendered Views’ for use in a presentation.

Instructional Methods Used

  • Demonstration Lectures
  • Student Participation [follow along] Demonstrations
  • Simulation Labs

Course Evaluation Process & Certificate

This is a Full Participation course, meaning that you will be expected to complete the assignments and submit them for feedback.
  • Lab, Quiz, and Project Assignment
    • Accuracy
    • Level of Completion
    • Aesthetics of the Documentation
    • File size; Purging entities not used.
  • Certificates will be given as out-lined below:
    • Certificate with Good UnderstandingAll assignments have been handed in and the holder understands of the concepts and requirements in the course. 
    • Certificate with Very Good UnderstandingThe above and understands the concepts…etc. ‘Very well’. 
    • Certificate with Excellent UnderstandingThe above and has an ‘Excellent’ understanding of the program and how it can be used. 

Please Note: You have 270 days (approx. 9 months) from the time you enroll in this course to when your access will be removed and your progress deleted from the system.