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This 7.5 hour course is designed and available* only to those that have completed Module 1:  SketchUp Pro, and Module 2: Layout.  This course is also Module 3 of the Beginner to Intermediate Full Course.

Please Note: You have 180 days (approx. 6 months) from the time you enroll in this course to when your access will be removed and your progress deleted from the system.

Course Description

In this Module we will take everything we have learned in the first 2 modules and apply them to the lessons here as well as introducing some new tools: Match Photo, Styles and Rendering to present your work at its best.

  1. Introducing the Final Project
  2. Match Photo Utility
  3. Site Plans, and Location Plans
  4. Advanced Texture Manipulation and Follow Me Techniques
  5. Advanced Section Cuts
  6. SketchUp Styles & 3rd party Rendering Platforms
  7. Wrap-Up & Final Quiz – Recap followed by the Module Quiz.

A Certificate of Participation is issued upon completion of the lectures and online quizzes.

A Certificate of Training will also be issued to those who have submitted assignments for assessment and feedback.