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Magic Mike Live – London

Magic Mike Live – London

Live theater and TV

Venue Design: Rachel O'Toole

Conceived and directed by Channing Tatum

The thrilling Magic Mike Live show plays in London—an electrifying, 360-degree entertainment extravaganza inspired by the hit movies. Behind the scenes, we have crafted the spectacular MML installations that bring the stage to life.

Venue Design by: Rachel O’Toole

The 2nd in the MML installations. The Matcham Theater at the historic Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square would become Magic Mike Live’s London home.

What we did?

Here we gutted the existing venue back to the 100-year-old brick and steel, then we put it back together.  The walls come “Alive” under Philip Gladwell’s lighting choreography;  Stage Automation by ARDA Studio; everything moves, as Don Gilmore said, “like a fine Swiss watch”.

My work was to provide, highly detailed, concept models of each part of the venue to those who would eventually need them.  From the Acoustic Screen that separates the Venue from the Casino; to the breakdown of the parts for the “Living Wall and the Balcony Handrail.  There are many people to thank and more than the few I know…


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