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SketchUp Pro – The Basics


SketchUp Pro – The Basics

Learn to design with an emphasis on the User Interface and modeling in the 3D Environment. This is for the Beginner to Intermediate User.

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This course is designed for the Beginner to Intermediate User with an emphasis on the User Interface and modeling in the 3D Environment. This course is also Module 1 of the Beginner to Intermediate Full Course.

Course Description

In this Module we will look at all the tools in SketchUp’s native (default) toolbox as well as learn how navigate in the 3D environment. Emphasis is placed on knowing where your tools are located then customizing your User Interface and Preferences. Throughout the course you will be given exercises to practice using the tools and Menu Items to ultimately , in the final exam, dissect a supplied model where all the entities have been joined (massed) and rebuild it into a proper model with Tags, Groups and Components.

  1. Tour of the User Interface
  2. Customizing your Work-space
  3. Lab – “Follow along” Make an Architectural Grid, North Arrow, and Scale
  4. Installing Plugins & Extensions
  5. Lecture/Lab – Looking at your new tools
  6. Lab – “Follow along” Model a small 2 room Interior. Creating a Door, an Arch, Casings, Baseboards and Spindles.
  7. Lecture – Tags, Groups & Components
  8. Lecture – Recap including use of Section Planes and Scenes
  9. Quiz

A certificate is issued at the end of this module for those who have submitted assignments for feedback and grading.


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