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PROMO CODE:  20%Aug2023

Learn SketchUp Pro this summer! Get 20% off on all our courses.

We would like to announce that we have ‘Opened’ the SketchUp Pro 2022-23: Beginner to Intermediate – Full Course for general purchase. Take advantage of this offer until the end of August.

Those of you that have taken SketchUp ProThe Basics and Layout 2D Presentation & Design Documentation will have the option to take the ‘Stand-alone’ Putting it All Together, which takes everything you have learnt in the first 2 modules and applies them to the lessons in the 3rd, as well as introducing some new tools and SketchUp’s very own, Styles, which is more powerful than many people think.

Register to get 20% off until August 31, 2023.

House designed by Randy Hutniak
House designed by Randy Hutniak

At the completion of the 3 modules in this course you will be, in my opinion, a SketchUp Power User. You will understand the advantages SketchUp can give you over the other 60-70% of SketchUp users. You will be able to tell your co-workers, “I can give you a tip on how to do that faster”. You could be the SketchUp Mage in your workplace! All that aside, you will be happy with your newfound skills and proud to present them to others.

Look on our Facebook page for a 20% off coupon which will be valid until the end of August.

[ 20%Aug2023 ]

Valid until August 31, 2023

Hope to see you there!


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